RespiratorNZ in Action
VC Pandemic Ventilator

Watch our short video showcasing the many benefits of the RespiratorNZ VC Pandemic Ventilator, including: 

  • Designed for use by non-ICU trained staff
  • Uses non proprietary consumables
  • 6 hour backup capability
  • EPROM chip - no internal battery required
RespiratorNZ Shown on 1 News

Our story of RespiratorNZ was shown on national television!
You can view the video and read the article here, as well as on the 1 News website.

Waikato Hospital

In vitro prototype demonstration at Waikato Hospital. Prototype demonstration witnessed by Chief Medical Officer, Dr. GL Hopgood. 

RespiratorNZ Demonstration

In vitro prototype demonstration in GMP cleanroom facility,  ESPlastics Ltd. 

Durability Test

14 Day Durability test commences on Good Friday in GMP cleanroom facility, ESPlastics Ltd.

RespiratorNZ on Stuff

Check out the RespiratorNZ story on Stuff.
You can view the view and read the article here, as well as on the Stuff website.

RespiratorNZ in the NZ Herald

RespiratorNZ was shown in the New Zealand Herald.
You can view the article here, as well as on the NZ Herald website.